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Mark Anastasi – How to make 100000 a year with ebooks


Published on: December 14, 2020
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The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of How To Make $100,000 a Year With eBooks.

Mark says, ?Here’s a few bits and pieces of what is revealed in my 126 page, 7 video eBook Master plan home study course.

– The sure-fire secret to creating an eBook that sells like crazy

– How to quickly avoid the #1 Mistake authors make that causes them to take months or years to write a book… so you can finish in just a few days.

– A step-by-step explanation of how I made $5,000 in one day, from my eBooks.

– The absolute ?bullet-proof? best eBook to write and sell online -FAST.

– The ?right? way to publish your eBook so virtually everyone connected to the Internet can buy it and read it.

– Proven methods for turning out a highly profitable eBook in record time… even if you have no idea what to write about.

– The fastest and BEST strategy to generate $$$ thousands of dollars in eBook sales… sometimes in just a few days!

– Quickly and easily overcome the single greatest obstacle any author – new or experienced – ever faces!

– The single ?Step? that virtually guarantees success in writing and selling your eBook.

– How to accept virtually every major credit card on the planet for a paltry $50 setup fee and no minimum monthly fees!

– How writing about a subject you hate can actually make you rich.?

More features of How To Make $100,000 a Year With eBooks are listed on the sales letter.

Time Sensitive Offer

To the first 100 people Mark is offering How To Make $100,000 a Year With eBooks home study course for $29.95.


The price of How To Make $100,000 a Year With eBooks is: $597


How To Make $100,000 a Year With eBooks comes with the following bonuses:

1. Randy Charach’s Complete Guide To Internet Marketing (MP3s)

2. The eBook Millionaire Secrets.

3. Armand Morin’s ‘Success Secrets’ Big Seminar Interviews

4. 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with Mark Anastasi

5. 1-year membership access to ‘VAULT OF INTERNET MARKETING SECRETS’ (for first 100 customers only).


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