Mark and Magali Peysha – Strategic Intervention Bootcamp 2018


Published on: May 12, 2021
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If you’d like to increase your skills and confidence in a coach in the shortest possible time, there is no faster, more powerful way than SI Boot Camp.

We meet together live in person for 4 days of intensive, individualized training that will advance your coaching skills by a year or more. Tap into your native strengths, the personal momentum, and the natural confidence you need to start getting paid clients. Whether you’re new to coaching, a student needing a boost, or a professional looking to add coaching to your abilities, there is no faster, more immersive way to gain profound skills as a coach.

This is a boutique training: the group size is kept below 75 to ensure that each student gets personalized attention and support every step of the way.
Now, even though the live, in-person training may be a few weeks or months away, your coaching growth starts as soon as you sign up. You get instant online access to SI Fundamentals, our foundational coach training, Coaching Practice Blueprint, a turnkey system for creating a coaching practice, and 8 weeks of SI Supervision. In SI Supervision we meet as a group by phone to do live mini-coaching sessions and learn new strategies. Then, while still on the phone, you’ll be paired with another student to trade off being coach and client putting the new strategies you learned into action. Our philosophy is: if you show up for class, you’ll get massive growth as a coach

The Training includes:
– 6 months of online and live phone-based training in Strategic Intervention Coaching.
– Four days of intensive in-person training where you will feel your powers as a coach awaken to help others.
– A turnkey marketing system for starting your coaching practice without needing any further marketing or technology.
– A unique package of training bonuses to enhance your growth as a coach and a business owner.


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