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Mark Joyner – Mind Control Marketing


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Mark Joyner says, ‘Naturally I believe Mind Control Marketing will unlock your hidden powers of persuasion. These tactics have been proven time and again not only by me, but by thousands of satisfied readers?.

Mind Control Marketing was released as a book earlier. Now Mark is releasing it in an electronic format.

Part One: Psychology
1 Conformity to Group Norms
The Herd Mentality and How to Use It
2 Obedience to Authority
Yes Sir, No Sir, Would You Like My Credit Card Number, Sir?
3 The Foot in the Door Phenomenon
Fending Off Your Mouse Click to Oblivion
4 The Zeigarnik Effect
The Power of Unfinished Thoughts
5 Cognitive Dissonance
Happiness Means Never Having to Say You’re Wrong
6 Conformity to Emotions
You Smile, I Smile; You Weep, I Weep
7 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Tapping Into the Pursuit of Satisfaction
8 Framing
Beauty May Be Only Skin Deep, But Who Wants to Be Ugly?
9 Uncertainty
It’s a Sure Thing That There’s No Such Thing as a Sure Thing
Part Two: Warfare
10 Killer Junior
Impending Death is One Hell of a Mother of Invention
11 Heavy Ground
Waging the Economic Art of War
12 Deception
Avoiding the Deadly Delete Key
13 Concentration
Kick Your Opponent Where It Hurts – Right in His Dispersion
14 Factors of Recognition
Seeing is Believing … And More
15 Continuous Operation
How to Keep the Machine Running
16 Quick Victories
Pick Battles Worth Fighting
17 Boldness and Taking Risks
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
18 ?Don’t Never Take a Chance You Don’t Have To? (from the Ranger Handbook)
?Bold? and ?Stupid? are Not Synonyms
19 ?Don’t Ever March Home the Same Way. Take a Different Route So We Won’t Be Ambushed.? (From the Ranger Handbook)
If You Don’t Float Like a Butterfly, You’re Going to Get Stung by Some Smart Bees
20 The Fox and the Rabbit
Desire is Everything


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