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Mark Scott – Web Design for HTML Programming of Beginners


Published on: December 10, 2020
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A good course for a good career as a Webmaster!

This is a course where you’ll learn how to plan a web page.

This course will give you the opportunity to start a career as a developer of web pages.
The course is based on 1.44 hour of video with simple examples and easy to learn.
You don’t need to have specific knowledge to attend but at least know what it is, and have some idea about web applications
I very much hope that this course will be useful to have a career as a WebMaster

Why this course?
Well, because first of all I would like to share with you the knowledge that I have acquired to become a Webmaster
Then why are you here means that you also have a passion for programming and so you want to start to become a Webmaster

What do I need to attend?

To attend you must have first of all Internet, headphones, like Notepad software installed on your system, then you must have a browser (any).

What is this course?

In this course we will learn how to create a simple web page to help you better understand the various features of HTML.
Then we’ll add objects such as links, images, Radio Buttons and CheckBoxes, Etc..
We will learn how to add tags


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