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Mark Verstegen – Core Performance Essentials


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Mark Verstegen – Core Performance Essentials

CORE Performance Essentials is more than just another fad diet or collection of exercises, it’s a 30 minute a day plan designed to help you excel in the Game of Life.

Based directly on the recently released book by Mark Verstegen, the Core Performance Essentials video Bundle gives you :

Level 1 video – GET READY

Level 2 video – GET SET…GO!

Level 3 video – GET STABLE

Level 4 video – GET STRONG

Work along exercise programs – which you can do in front of your TV or computer – featuring concepts utilized by today’s top athletes

Level 1 thru 4 Workout Cards are included with exercise photos and prescriptions, which can be taken to the gym or on the road to make your program completely mobile

A recovery program geared toward preparing your body for the next workout

The Core Performance Nutrition program designed to help you fuel your Core Performance Essentials lifestyle

All of the Core Performance Essentials videos were shot at the Athletes Performance Institute in Arizona and feature every rep being coached by Mark himself. Each individual video represents a level of the book and features separate workouts, based on the four stages exercisers go through for each level .The entire set of four videos features four levels and 16 staged programs.

Comes with a Core Essentials Level 1 – 4 Training Cards in each of the video cases.

The Core Essentials videos are available for individual purchase.

CORE Performance Essentials is geared to be effective for everyone: the beginner who hasn’t exercised in years, the weekend warrior looking to increase performance and decrease the chance of pain, and most important, everyone whose responsibilities at work and obligations at home make it difficult to find the time to exercise.


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