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Market Motive – Mobile Marketing Certification Course


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Name Product: Market Motive – Mobile Marketing Certification Course
Size: 3.87 GB
COST: $299 Monthly= Your Free
Author: Jeff Hasen
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Mobile Marketing is clearly one of the fastest growing disciplines in Internet marketing. Each week, thousands of new users adopt new mobile devices and provide their mobile numbers for marketing campaigns. From standard text messages to QR codes to full mobile applications, Mobile Marketing is everywhere. If you are already engaging in other Internet marketing campaigns, or just starting out with Internet marketing, Mobile Marketing should be a critical part of your strategy, as it crosses boundaries into other marketing strategies.

NOTE: If you are new to Mobile Marketing, you may prefer to begin with the Mobile Marketing Fundamentals course prior to taking this more comprehensive Mobile course.

Course Materials
Section 1: Introduction to Mobile Marketing
Section 2: Understanding Mobile Devices
Section 3: Core Mobile Product and Service Offerings
Section 4: Supplemental Products and Service Offerings
Section 5: Mobile Advertising and Search
Section 6: Incentives and Loyalty Programs
Section 7: Combining Mobile with Other Channels
Section 8: Mobile Marketing and Social Media
Section 9: Location and Mobile
Section 10: Mobile Rules and Regulations
Section 11: The Mobile Website
Section 12: Mobile Marketing Analytics
Section 13: Careers in Mobile Marketing

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