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Drew Laughlin – Marketing Consultant – Client Getting Plan


Published on: December 10, 2020
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How to Get All the Clients You Can Handle Without Cold Calling or Spending a Dime on Marketing!
Proven 7-Step System Can Get You Clients in 30-Days or Less Step-by-Step System
Easy to Understand
Easy to Implement
No Expenses
Builds Credibility
Works Fast It?s No Secret: Finding Clients as a Consultant, Solo-preneur or Independent Professional is Not Easy? Until Now! WHAT IS THE P.L.A.N.? The ?P.L.A.N? stands for: Presentation
Network In short, the secret sauce of the Client Getting P.L.A.N. is all about giving a problem-solution focused Presentation over Lunch ? commonly known as a Lunch and Learn (L&L) ? in front of a targeted Audience where you Network with the attendees after the presentation is over to build relationships and close deals. While this model is simple to understand there are key success factors that make it work like a faucet you can turn on and off whenever you need more clients


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