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Massive list of 5800 product categories from Google


Published on: December 14, 2020
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It could be a great brainstorm aid if you want to want to get into new markets and categories.  Obviously this isn’t every possible product niche out there, but this is a fantastic starting point.

?What is the best way to print this??

Good question!  Right in Excel under ?print? you would change the orientation from portrait to landscape, select ?fit all columns to one page? under scaling, then change the margins to ?narrow? so the text is slightly larger.  It should then come out to 81 pages, which isn’t too bad.  You can always go to your favorite office store and probably get it printed for $9-10 if you prefer that route.  From there, you would need a ?landscape binder? which seems to be a somewhat uncommon item, call your local office supply store to check their stock.  Its available online if they don’t carry it.  As for the hole punching… you’ll either need a specialized hole puncher to accommodate for the landscape orientation, or perhaps wherever you print from may be able to.  Despite a few hurdles, this is a nice thing to have a hard copy of, to minimize time staring at a computer screen.


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