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Master the Business of Photograph


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Business skills are non-negotiable ? you must have them to succeed. Develop yours in Master the Business of Photography. In this 30-day bootcamp Sal Cincotta will teach the business-first approach to photography you need to succeed in today?s competitive marketplace.

The viability of your photography business hinges on your plan. In Master the Business of Photography, you?ll get actionable business insights and guidance from Sal, an award-winning photographer, author, and owner of the million-dollar photography brand, Salvatore Cincotta Photography.

Sal will coach you, start to finish, through the process of developing a winning sales, marketing, and business plan and how to implement it. You?ll define your ideal client, learn how to get your price list right, and develop effective responses to sales objections. You?ll examine emerging trends in engagement and wedding photography and learn how to integrate them into your business. Sal will help you re-imagine and energize every aspect of your photography business.


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