Matt Bailey – SEO Keyword Strategy 2020


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Formulating a keyword strategy is one of the most important activities in marketing. Properly optimizing a website and strategically using keywords can yield visitors for years. Digital marketing expert Matt Bailey begins with the basics, covering what keywords are and what they do. Next, learn about how to find and analyze the right keywords for your business and implement them into different channels. Matt covers all the important components of choosing keywords including how to determine customer intent, identify trends, develop analytics, utilize negative keywords, and focus on what works. Finally, learn about how to measure the results, understand rankings, and establish priorities.

Topics include:
What are keywords?
Why are keywords important?
Starting keyword research
Creating a starter set
Analyzing keyword patterns
Reading search engine results pages (SERP)
Mapping keywords across the customer lifecycle
Appling keywords to optimize your website
Choosing keywords for voice search
Build your quality score with themes
Apply keywords to optimize your marketing


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