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Matt Furey – Psychic Self Defense


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Psychic Self-Defense

Oftentimes I have absolutely no concept of time.

Days seem like minutes. Especially when I’m creating something new.

And these days, when so many people are running around frazzled, fearful and totally uncertain about the state of the economy – I remain calm, cool and compassionate.

So much so that I’ve created a new product that will help you follow suit.

No more going to work feeling positive – then getting dumped on by co-workers.

No more time and energy vampires sucking the life

out of you.

No more sitting down to watch the news – then going to sleep depressed.

No more feeling like you cannot control your emotional state or destiny.

AND no more time wondering WHY you suddenly began feeling bad when you went into your day feeling so good.

YES – I’m talking about putting up a psychic shield of protection. Not just to keep negative people away from you – but to keep negative energies away, too.

YES, negative energies. If you don’t think that someone’s emotional spewing leaves traces, then why can you feel weird vibes when you enter a room that “Bad Luck Schmedlock? just left.

The answers to all these issues are now easily resolved in my all-NEW Psychic Self Defense video.


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