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Matthew Spencer – eBay for Sellers Essential Training


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Discover how to get started on eBay, the popular site where you can sell virtually anything. eBay PowerSeller Christopher Matthew Spencer explains what you need to get started, shows how to research the competition, and shares his recommendations for achieving the most with every listing. He covers the economics of developing an eBay business, capturing superior product photography, communicating with potential customers through excellent listings and professional customer service, and fulfilling orders. This in-depth course also explains accepting secure payments with PayPal, packing and shipping, setting up an eBay store, working with eBay Mobile, and engaging with the eBay community.

Topics include:
* Online security
* Equipment that’s required
* Registering and branding an eBay account
* Researching products before you list
* Advanced search techniques
* The economics of eBay
* Capturing the best photos
* Writing compelling listings
* Social selling and marketing your eBay business
* Communicating with customers
* Packing for safe delivery
* Domestic and international shipping
* The feedback process
* Getting help


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