Merch By Amazon The Ultimate Beginners Guide For 2020


    Published on: May 27, 2021
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    Welcome to my Merch By Amazon – The Ultimate Bners Guide For 2020 course!

    What you’ll learn

    How to create a Merch By Amazon account and tips on how to get accepted

    You will learn about the different types of designs that sell well on Merch by Amazon

    How to do design research on finding best selling designs and get ideas or inspiration from them

    What things you must avoid when creating designs

    Learn about great tools and resources that make design research and creation a lot faster and easier

    How to either create great designs yourself or where to find professional designer to make them for you at extremely low prices

    A complete walk-through of the design creation and upload process, including how to optimize your listing for your target audience and how to choose keywords

    Tips on how to rank up from the lower tiers and hit the group running on your Amazon Merch journey


    You will need a bank account to connect to your Merch by Amazon account

    No previous experience is necessary

    Design skills are a plus, but they are not needed


    I will be taking you through every stage of the process to get you up and running on Amazon Merch. You will be able to harness the huge power and potential of Amazon to get your great T Shirt designs in front of as many people as possible.

    Merch By Amazon is a leading Print On Demand platform that allows you to upload your own designs to garments such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and pop sockets in a variety of colors. If your designs sell, Amazon then prints the design onto the shirt or other garment and ships it off to the customer. They will then pay you a royalty and handle any customer service on your behalf, how great is that?

    We b the course by signing up to the platform, I will guide you through everything you need to know and what information you will need to provide Amazon. I will also show you other Print On Demand platforms that are worth signing up to such as TeeSpring and Etsy, which may help to support your Merch By Amazon application.

    Then we start finding what designs are popular and already selling well online. Then we can draw inspiration and gather ideas from these designs to create shirts of our own. I cover everything you need to know about the niche and design research process before we move onto the design stage.

    I then provide you with details of free online design software we can use to create our own designs or alternatively, I will show you how to find quality graphic designers to create designs for us at very reasonable prices.

    Finally, we get to the crucially important part of keyword research when uploading our designs to the platform. I will walk you through how to find the right keywords to include in your design title, description and bullet points to give your design the best chance of being put in front of the right people.

    See you on the inside!

    Who this course is for:

    People interested in learning how to sell print on demand products such as t-shirts online through the Amazon platform and other print on demand websites


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