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Metabolic Masterpiece Body Sculpting Program


Published on: December 10, 2020
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AMP’d Up Aesthetic Muscle Workouts ($600 value)

This periodized muscle building plan is strategically designed to help you achieve your maximum muscular potential by manipulating training frequency, volume, exercise selection, training protocol rep ranges, and rest periods.

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan includes;

14 unique training phases lasting 28 days each.

63 hardcore aesthetic muscle building workouts.

By following the Aesthetic Muscle Plan workouts you will;

Increase Strength and muscle endurance.

AMPlify aesthetic muscle gains!

Sculpt a symmetrical and detailed physique.

Build dense, ROCK solid aesthetic muscle.

Develop fuller muscle bellies.

Experience AMP’d up enthusiasm thanks to the incredible training variety.

With it’s unique blend of the BEST rep schemes, training protocol, and exercise selection for aesthetic muscle goals…

…There’s not a muscle fiber in your body that will go untouched with the Aesthetic Muscle Plan.

NOTE: These insanely effective workouts are strategically designed to be used in a gym. These are not home workouts that can be done with just dumbbells.

Each individual phase of the Aesthetic Muscle Plan sells for $50 at my local gym. This complete 14 month muscle building workout plan is a true $700 value.

Stubborn Calve Solution ($17 Value)

This specialized training program is designed to build even the most genetically stubborn calves.

Aesthetic Muscle Plan Follow Along Workout Videos (iPod friendly)
($47 Value)

This is your backstage pass to observe the proper way to perform the exercises and workouts within the Aesthetic Muscle Plan.

The proper execution of each exercise will make a world of a difference in the aesthetically pleasing results you achieve.

I recommend that you watch the videos at home on your computer before you hit the gym, so you stay laser focused during your workouts…

…But you can also download them onto your iPod just incase you need a quick reminder about the optimal form for an exercise.

Razor Sharp Six Pack Abs ($17 Value)

This specialized training program will build eye popping six pack abs with deep cuts.

Aesthetic Muscle Plan Workout Log Sheets ($17 Value)

The Aesthetic Muscle Plan book includes printable workout sheets where you will track your progress during your aesthetic muscle building transformation…

…Ensuring that you achieve the BEST results possible.

These workout printouts are one of the greatest tools to keep you ultra focused while you train.

You could find generic workout log sheets on for anywhere between $10-20, but even those workout logs are not specific with my unique, synergistic, and hybrid methods…

…So the value of these Aesthetic Muscle Plan workout log sheets are at least worth $17.

Glutes Of Grandeur ($17 Value)

This specialized training program is designed to AMPlify the glute gains you experience from the Aesthetic Muscle Plan leg workouts. If you suffer from a flat butt… these quick 10 minute workouts will help you build a round, firm butt.

AMP’d Up Nutrition and Sample Meals ($17 value)

Experience LEAN muscle gains without the fat by following the simple AMP’d up nutrition guidelines. Consuming adequate calories and macros to support aesthetic muscle growth while keeping the fat gains at bay.

Plus… get an inside look at my favorite aesthetic muscle building meals.

Synergized Cardio For AMPlified Muscle Gains Without The Fat
($17 value)

Performing the wrong type and dose of cardio will interfere with your muscle gains… However… Performing synergized cardio in the optimal frequency will AMPlify your gains while burning off any excess fat.

The Science and Art of AMP ($17 value)

An in depth


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