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Michael Breen – Habit Hacking


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Hack Your Habits. Change Your Life.

Discover Science Backed Principles To Change Habits FAST.

Learn how to ‘hack your habits’ using strategies supported by the latest science backed research and discoveries from neuroscience.

Show Willpower The Door!

You’ve tried using willpower alone; it almost never works and is too much hard effort. Using a combination of scientific research and powerful NLP techniques, ‘Habit Hacking’ will show you the secrets to hacking your way to building successful habits.


Habit Hacking

Frequently Asked Questions
Got questions? We have got answers

How is the course structured?

Habit Hacking is a organised in to 30 discrete video training modules designed to teach you how to hack your habits. The course is delivered in MP4 VIDEO format along with 24 unique assignments. You can consume the entire course right away or you can discover one new hack a day for 30 days. Which Habit Hacking path you choose is up to you.

Upon purchase you’ll get access to the entire training in our secure online training portal. You will receive both streaming and download access for easy offline viewing.

How long will I have access for?

You get access for life. Everything is delivered digitally and upon purchase you’ll be setup with access to the course in our secure online training portal.

Who is delivering the course?

This course is designed by Master Trainer Michael Breen and Tom O’Connor who combined have over 40 years experience with NLP and change technologies.

What kind of habits can this course help with?

“Habit Hacking” is designed to teach you how to build new habits and break bad ones using a combination of expert insights and proven principles & techniques from neuroscience, NLP and real world experiments. It gives you our change tested 5 Step Framework to shape new habits (like being present, more productive, eat healthier, lose weight, exercising daily, meditating etc.) and break bad habits (like biting your nails, overeating, habitual worrying, procrastinating etc.)

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”

From biting your nails, to getting out of bed early, to exercising, to what you eat and how much money you make… habits dictate huge portions of your life.

Yet has anyone ever taught you how to change them or are you STUCK with bad habits?

Do you wish you could kick the procrastination habit, be healthier, make more money?

Read on…

Overcome Your REAL Blindspots

You’ve tried many things and most things failed to work or failed to stay working. ‘Habit Hacking’ exposes the real reasons why your previous efforts to change were doomed and what really works!

Discover The 5 Step Model To Break Bad Habits. Cold.

Let’s face it. Bad Habits carry negative consequence but often feel good in the short term. ‘Habit Hacking’ teaches you a proven process to kick bad habits. Best of all, you can do it as easy as a-b-c.

Form New Habits. The Right Habits. Success Emerges…

If you want to lose weight, stop procrastinating, make more money, change your career or achieve any other goal… it comes down to doing the right things, consistently. ‘Habit Hacking’ gives you the BLUEPRINT for forming habits easily and effortlessly.

Inside Habit Hacking You Will…

Hack Your Habits. Change Your Life.

Leverage The Power of NLP To Reprogram Your Mind & Body

We’re not interested in change that only lasts a little while. Get change that sticks. Learn the secrets to creating lifetime habits.

Using powerful principles drawn from NLP to break bad habits & form new ones, fast..

Learn One Skill. Change Anything.

Habit Hacking is designed to teach you the ONE skill that you can use to change (almost) anything. T


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