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Michael Breen – Sharpen Your Pitch


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Coaches, Consultants And Trainers: Are you struggling to win high quality, high paying, highly motivated clients?
videoover The 5 Step Pitching Process, GUARANTEED To Help You Win More Business, Close Bigger Deals And Sell More Products Than Ever Before!

At The End Of This Program You Will Be Able To:

? Use the framing tool to identify and meet your audience?s needs, structure an irresistible offer and present a persuasive and polished marketing pitch.
? Easily stand out from your competition by using the long lost art of Synectics.
? Induce maximum innovation and creativity in your marketing and communication.
? Masterfully use persuasive communication frameworks designed to make you memorable.
? Understand how to think on your feet regardless of what your client throws at you.
? And WIN a lot more business!


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