Michael Breen – The Art & Skills Of Nested Story Telling


Published on: December 10, 2020
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?Finally Revealed The Strategies & Skills For Doing Nested Loops & Nested Story Telling?Used By The World Best Trainers, Story Tellers & Master Persuaders?To Bypass A Listener?s Conscious Mind, Impart Instructions Deep Into The Unconscious And Create Lasting Change?


Go Behind The Closed Door? NLP is one of the most powerful personal change and communication technologies available in the world today. It?swidely regarded as being at the forefront of creating processes that help people learn faster, change quicker and develop skills fast. Expert communicators like Dr. Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Michael Breen and others have been widely known for their ability to wire up new behaviours and help people learn ? without the person realising they were consciously learning. This is an incredible skill to have and one that very few NLP trainer or practitioners ever learn. In part because the skills and strategies to do this have been known only to a small handful of master NLPers. However that?s about to change as world renowned trainer Michael Breen takes you behind the curtain and shares the key distinctions and skills that make this part of the technology work. Nested Loops & Nested Story Telling Is NOT A Technique Nested loops and nested story telling is one of those topics in NLP that many people can talk about but few know how to do.

It?s more art and skill than hard science. But it is a skill you can learn (with expert guidance and practice)

Unfortunately most people who have been trained in using nested loops get taught it as a some form of ?tell a story, break the story part way, tell another story, repeat five times?? however this is not how you use nested loops but simply a training aid. A way you can train yourself to begin to think in a structured story telling format that most people are unfamiliar with. Unfortunately this critical distinction gets missed off of most trainings and chapters you?ll find in books on this topic. Without context and expert information from someone who has done it thousands of times ? you are likely to make the same mistakes that so many others have.

During This 2 Hour Master Class Training You Will Learn: Inside this 2 hour teleseminar training you will learn:

What nested loop are ? When you truly get this you will understand why those who treat it as a technique experience frustration and lackluster results. When you discover the real truth behind what a nested loop is you?ll avoid this common error. What the purpose of nested loops are and why you want to use them ? discover what is really going on and why great story tellers, hypnotists and communicators have been using them for millennia. What precisely are you looking to do when you nest stories. If you have ever wondered what you are supposed to be doing, you?ll learn all that here and hear several examples of nesting in action.

The interesting tale of how Milton Erickson used ?multiple embedded stories? that pre-dated NLP

Learn about the little known russian researcher who discovered the principle that is behind what make nested loops tick (this is what really drives the process and makes nesting so effective) Discover this rule of thumb for design that is essential to know for designing and delivering nested loops. The fact is to do nesting well you need to know how to both design and deliver them effectively. This training teaches you the fundamentals that are essential. Learn what ?priming? is, how it works and how to do it. When you learn this skill your suggestions, overt or covert, will be so much more powerful because the idea will already be seeded inside your listeners mind and ?primed? to be acted on.

Why you must aware of the critical role the law of requisite variety has on training outcomes ? and whether or not your ?nests? work to produce the specific res


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