Michael Breen – Using NLP on Yourself To Create More Of The Life You Want


Published on: December 14, 2020
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What would be possible for your life if everything you felt was holding you back in your life disappeared in the coming 30 days?

Seriously, take a moment to ask yourself:

What kind of cool things would you be doing?
What specific results would you be in the process of rapidly achieving?
Who would you have meet, got involved or be connected with?
How good would it feel to have all those things with you right now?

These are all very interesting worthwhile questions to ask.

Now let me ask you:

How long have you been desiring, dreaming, hoping that these changes could happen?
Left unchanged, what is likely to happen if you keep doing what you’ve always done?
Finally do you know what has been stopping you? Stopping you from squeezing out every inch of joy, happiness, success, and abundance you want in your life?

Wherever you are in your life right now, if we are all honest with ourselves, it’s almost certain that there are some things we are very happy with and other goals/dreams/desires that haven’t happened yet…. And its frustrating. It’s annoying. It’s darn right vexing. And yet even though you can likely name several things you would like to change in your life, for very various reasons you haven’t created those changes yet, although you have been trying.

And so the results you so rightfully desire haven’t shown up in your life.

NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming is the study of ?subjective experience and what can be calculated from it?. That’s a fancy way for saying NLP studies how people think, feel and use their bodies to produce specific results – the kind of results that make them stand out from their peers. And skilled practitioners of NLP are especially interested in exceptional performers. People who are the out liners, the mavericks, the achievers in every field of life, who achieve, experience and do things that so many other people can’t do. And from patterning what they do, we are able to distinguish what is the ?difference that makes the difference? and then make that knowledge and strategies available to others.

It’s very cool and it’s enabled everyday people to achieve and do seemingly ?unachievable? and ?unbelievable? things in their own lives.

And that power is also available to you when you use the technology of NLP to improve your life.

Using NLP on Yourself To Create More Of The Life You Want is divided into two training modules:

The first is a 90 minute multi-part video training program in which you will learn specific inner mind set strategies and essential NLP tools for creating more of the life you want. You don’t need to learn a ton of NLP to see dramatic results, use and apply what you learn here and you will have the core patterns on board from which you can start doing and experiencing new levels of happiness, productivity, control, and joy in your life.

After completing the video training portion of the course and the assignments you will enjoy a 56 page action guide. The purpose of the action guide is to provide you with a ?bootstrap? action manual to ensure you master each of the core patterns and key attitude that drives NLP so you have the resources to improve your life.

Next once you have a firm grip AND operationalised the inner game that enables you to then approach using the techniques you will receive an extensive training on ?Emotional Mastery: How To Manage Your State?.


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