Michael Covel – Interviews of Super Traders


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Michael Covel is the world’s leading researcher, writer & speaker on trend following. He is a bestselling author with five books and the host of Trend Following Radio with over 1.5M listens across 160+ countries & territories.

This Interviews series is NOT a conversation about forecasts, predictions or discussion of particular trading systems.

It is a one of a kind unique conversations with some of the most successful trend following traders of our generation, covering the timeless principles, psychology and techniques that enabled these Super Traders to achieve their monster success. It is must viewing for anyone seeking to model how Super Traders thinks, acts and trades.

1. Kevin Bruce

* Bruce: trader 20+ years.
* Self-tuaght trend follower.
* Earned fortune of $100M.

Kevin Bruce, while nearly anonymous to the trading world, earned a fortune of $100 million trading as a trend following trader. How did he do it

Not one to flaunt his wealth, Bruce drives around Richmond, Virginia in a ’96 Ford Ranger pickup. Until recently, he cut his own grass. And he finally went ahead with what is usually a teen-age rite of passage: he’s wearing braces to straighten his teeth. Bruce made his money working as a trader in the futures markets for two banks before starting his own company, Strategic Capital Corp. Bruce trades commodities ranging from corn to crude oil, treasury bonds and foreign currencies. Bruce follows a strategy he first developed while a graduate student at the University of Georgia. Since then, he’s added risk-management techniques.

2. Larry Hite

* Hite: trader 30+ years.
* Earned fortune of $100M.
* Timeless trend principles.

Lawrence D. Hite is a hedge fund manager, who, along with Ed Seykota, is one of the forefathers of system trading. He has been profiled and recognized as one of the best in the industry in numerous major international publications, and, in 1986, BusinessWeek awarded Hite its annual Best of Award. He co-founded Mint Investments in 1981. By 1990, Mint had become the largest Commodity Trading Advisor in the world in terms of assets under management. Mint’s achievements won Hite and his team industry wide acclaim, and in 1990 Jack Schwager dedicated a chapter of his bestselling book, Market Wizards,[3] to Hite’s trading and risk management philosophy. In 1990, he began adding systematic trading of equity markets to the Mint managed futures portfolio.

3. Salem Abraham

* Abraham: trader 20+ years.
* 2nd Generation ‘Turtle’.
* Timeless trend principles.

Salem Abraham is the president and founder of Abraham Trading Company. Abraham grew up in Canadian, Texas, where his family has been involved in the ranching and commodities business for over 100 years. Abraham attended the University of Notre Dame starting in August of 1984. Abraham did extensive research in the technical and methodological aspects of futures trading. Combining the information he gathered with ideas that he developed during his research, he began the task of back-testing the profitability of numerous trading theories. Abraham graduated cum laude with a B.B.A. in Finance December of 1987. He moved back to Canadian, where in January of 1988, he began to manage customer accounts using his systematic approach. Over 21 years of trading and research makes Salem one of the most experienced traders in the business. Abraham owned seats and held full memberships at both the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

4. Pro Poker Players

* Poker playing insights.
* Learn to Think in Probabilities.
* Poker Insights applied to trading.
* Interviews in Las Vegas, NV.

While making the documentary film Broke Michael Covel quickly discovered that some of the greatest traders all looked to poker early on for their trading lessons. The interview goes right to the heart of poker and odds-a key to making money in the markets. Further, Billy Walters might give you further perspective about how important it is to think and act in terms of numbers.


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