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Michael Hall – Games Slim People Play


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Ready for a new game to deal with food and fitness-a game that will give you the payoffs you want, a fit and slim body? Ready to ditch the old games that haven’t worked? Then this is the program for you! Probably the best recommendation that can be made for a program of this type is not the number sold but the number of people who achieve their goal and let the creater know of their success.

Based on the Frame Games model, this program exclusively targets the subject of weight management, fitness, slimming, and exercise. The unique perspective here is the fuller story regarding our relationship to food (eating) and movement (exercise). Discover the rules behind the games that you play. Explore how to manage weight, body shape and size by naming your games, identifying the rules of the game, the players, how to score, what makes a win, etc.

?Distinguish healthy versus toxic food and eating games
?Quality control the games you play to make sure that they are healthy.
?Reject, and refuse to be recruited to, unproductive games.
?Use the framing tools to create new games that are empowering.

Games Fit and Slim People Play offers a new and exciting way to look at how you think, feel, perceive, talk, and act as you go about the day to day business of eating and exercising, living in your body, and getting yourself to do the things necessary for health and fitness. It focuses on developing the mind set about food, self, others, eating, exercising, etc. that best enables you to win the inner game.

In every facet of life, we play games based on our frames. We learn many of these games with food and exercise in our original home environment. Instead of thinking of food as just food and as fuel for your vitality and stamina, we think of it in other terms: reward, comfort, love, security, stress relief, etc. We psycho-eat. We eat food and stuff our bodies with the wrong kinds of food in a search for various psychological feelings. The frame governs the game that creates yo-yo dieting.

The good news is that as you learned to play such games, you can learn to play other games-new, empowering games that support your health, looks, shape, size, energy, vitality, etc. Learn to say ?No!? to the games that do not enhance your life and ?Yes!? to the games that do empower you. You can learn to detect and refuse to be recruited to the destructive games that sabotage your effectiveness.

The difference between people who do not manage their weight and fitness well and those who do ultimately involves the frames of mind that govern the games we play. Experts at weight management excel at playing a different set of games around eating and exercising. This program identifies those games and how to play them. Discover the missing ingredient that makes the dieting game itself toxic and only set one up for ?Yo-Yo Dieting. It doesn’t work. What works is changing your frames so thoroughly that you learn to play and entirely new and more enhancing game.


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