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Michael Hall – Meta NLP Master Practitioner Video Training Prep Package


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Course Content


This is the complete Master Practitioner Set from M. Hall, which includes 2 parts. The Master Practitioner Training 1- 13 and The Meta Programs Master Training 1-5.

The Main Topics include:

I. The Vision Of Mastery
– Introduction To NLP Mastery
– Mastering NLP
– Your Top Ten Mastery States
– Well-Formed Outcomes For Mastery
– Circles Of Excellence

II. Mastery Through Mind-Lines
– The Mind-Lines Model
Conversational Reframing Patterns For Transforming Meaning
7 Directions To Send A Brain
26 Reframing Patterns

III. Mastery Though Trance
– Trance As A Meta-State Phenomena
The Meta-Levels As Trance
Inductions Of Hypnotic Trances
Building Hypnotic Inductions Training

– Trance Via Time-Lines
Fast And Slow Time
Spiraling Resources
Creating A New Life Narrative

IV. Modeling
– ?Sub-Modalities?
Unmasking Submodalities Meta-Levels
Using Sub-Modality For Mastering NLP

– Exploring The Structure Of Experience
Modeling: The Heart Of NLP
Kinds Of Modeling
Best States For Modeling
Tools For Modeling

– Strategies For Modeling
The NLP-Enriched TOTE Model
Identifying, Unpacking, & Replication
Strategies Of Excellence
Neuro-Semantics Modeling

– Cultural Modeling
Structure Of ?Cultural? Phenomena

V. Meta Programs Mastery Set
Meta Programs as Coalesced meta-states
Meta Programs for ?Figuring Out People?
Changing Meta Programs
Using Meta Programs


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