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Michael Janich – Practical Unarmed Combatives – Damithurt Silat


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 1 lays the groundwork for your self-protection skills by teaching you a single combative sequence that can be used both preemptively and defensively to counter dozens of the most common street attacks. It also reveals the secret of ?physiological potential,? a concept that allows you to harness the full power of every body motion and apply it as a spontaneous combative technique. You?ll also learn the dynamic power of ?cycling,? devastating low-line knees and kicks, and sure-fire defensive tactics like the ?shoulder stop? that take advantage of your body?s natural mechanics and intuitive responses to enable you to fight the way you were meant to fight.

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 2 continues your education in the combative logic of Damithurt Silat. Building on the knowledge of volume 1, this video teaches you the secrets of the most effective defensive tactic you could ever learn. Common to all functional fighting arts, this movement, known as hubud in the Filipino systems, can be the key to defeating dozens of common street attacks, if you understand and master its full potential. Janich?s detailed explanation of the science behind this tactic and the secrets of integrating it into your hardwired reflexes will give you that understanding.

Janich also reveals his simple but highly effective methods of limb control and head control that will enable you to instantly shut down your attacker and remain safe while you finish the fight on your terms. These unique methods include passes, slap-downs, and wraps, as well as the incredible ?Bela Lugosi? a sure-fire defense against the hardest punches that you can learn in a matter of minutes.

Finally, this video shows you how to round out your skills with the tactics of high-speed joint locks, wrenches, and breaks. These savage tactics literally demolish your attackers limbs on contact and will give you a life-saving edge in any street encounter.

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 3 ? Learn how to quickly put an attacker on the ground and keep him there with the brutal low-line skills of Damithurt Silat. Instructor Michael Janich first explains the mechanics of combative kicking and reveals surefire methods of generating extreme power while maintaining balance on real-world terrain. He then leads you step by step through a simple but devastatingly effective arsenal of low-line weapons, including knees, kicks, grinds, stomps, and foot traps. Putting these weapons into perspective, you then learn how to integrate them into your defensive response patterns, taking advantage of the physiological potential of every movement to create crippling combinations that literally destroy your opponent?s legs-and his ability to deliver violence to you.

This extraordinary video also reveals the never-before-seen secrets of Pentjak Silat?s triangular footwork and throwing techniques. Drawing from his in-depth analysis of Indonesian Silat, Janich dispels the myths of conventional throwing techniques and shows you how to quickly and efficiently destroy your attacker?s balance by ?putting him on the triangle.? He also explains the four methods of using your triangle pattern as a power base and the most efficient methods of performing traditional silat throws like the biset and kinjit. Finally, you?ll discover how to integrate your knowledge of triangular footwork, off-balancing, and low-line kicking with the skills from Volumes 1 and 2 of the series to quickly dominate and destroy any attacker.


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