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Michael Korda – Power!How to Get It, How to Use It


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Power! How to Get It, How to Use It
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Michael Korda, celebrated author, editor and expert on power politics, gives the bottom line onhow to get a bigger raise, better job and total control over everyone around you. From the placement of furniture to the placement of your feet, Korda details the strategies and time-saving tips that will land you in the executive boardroom of power.

*Have not read it yet, but I liked what this 2 reviewers had to say about it:

From a 5*Star review:
…I don’t use or condone it, but it is there, and to ignore it or scoff at it is to do so at your own loss. Even in the politest of environments with the biggest of smiles, everyone is looking out for themselves. Power plays don’t have to be abrupt to be effective. Intimidation can take on very subtle forms, couched in velvet gloves and teacups. The author even states that.
Take it from someone who’s been there, someone who’s been on the receiving end of some pretty dark power plays and still hasn’t fully recovered, knowing the material in this book can save your bacon. I wish it had saved mine before it was too late. I recommend it to everybody.

From a 1*Star review:
… I was pleased to see that I could spot totally ineffective managers that operated on bluster and recrimination after having their techniques glorified in Korda’s book. The friend who had passed me the book way back when lost job after job and always seemed to be shouting;
?I am the great and powerful Oz!? to no effect. I found the remedy to this witch’s brew when I came across: ?Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, and Bruce Patton? a wonderful book that was made for people who enjoy being on this
planet and working hard toward a shared victory while demonstrating respect and caring for those around them. Read it with a jaundiced eye.


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