Michael Levine – Broken Windows, Broken Business


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Michael Levine (Author), Michael Kramer (Narrator), ‘Broken Windows, Broken Business: How the Smallest Remedies Reap the Biggest Rewards [Unabridged, Audiobook]’

Books on Tape | 2005 | ISBN: 1415926557 | MP3 VBR V8 | 4 hrs 15 mins | 102.2 Mb

‘Small things make all the difference in business’

Once every few years a book comes along with an insight so penetrating, so powerful-and so simply, demonstrably true-that it instantly changes the way we think and do business. Such a book is BROKEN WINDOWS, BROKEN BUSINESS, a breakthrough in management theory that can alter the destiny of countless companies striving to stay ahead of their competition.

In this vital and seminal work, author Michael Levine-whose Guerrilla P.R. has become a standard text of public relations theory and is taught at the graduate business schools of Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern-offers compelling evidence that problems in business, large and small, typically stem from inattention to tiny details. Constant attention to detail not only demonstrates corporate competence, but also shows that the company cares about what the consumer wants. Broken windows-and peeling paint, worn carpets, and poorly maintained restrooms-send the opposite signal: that the business doesn’t care.

With tips and advice on changing any business to one that dots its i’s, crosses its t’s, and attracts more clients, BROKEN WINDOWS, BROKEN BUSINESS goes straight to the heart of what makes all enterprises successful-the little things that mean a lot.


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