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Michael Mackintosh Bundle: I Am Wealth 1 – 2 & Inner Self Image Program


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Michael Mackintosh Bundle: I Am Wealth 1 -2 & Inner Self Image Program

A Spiritual Way to Create Wealth


I AM WEALTH: The Secrets to Divine Abundance is a powerful, easy-to-use, 40 day wealth-creation program that deeply transforms your personal inner world (the level of cause), and naturally manifests wealth and abundance into your life.

Many people hopelessly live out their lives experiencing various forms of poverty and lack because of conditioned beliefs towards money that have cut them off from the abundance they innately deserve.

This unique, 40-day, audio/visual program deeply empowers you from the inside, overcoming negative belief systems at their core and creating new healthy ones.

By bringing you back into harmony with abundance, you can begin to receive the wealth you deserve. Right now, you are part of a rich universe and it is your birthright to experience that abundance. Claim back what is yours… today!

Is this program for you?

# Are you tired of not living the life you love because of lack of cash flow?
# Do you want to know the spiritual, natural way to make money?
# Are you ready to free yourself from hidden limitations that have blocked the natural flow of money pouring into your life?

Then it’s time to claim your birthright and allow Divine Abundance to flow into your life!

How it works: The Most Sophisticated Wealth Creation Program in the World

I AM WEALTH is a complete wealth creation package that has 3 main parts that takes about 30-45 minutes a day to enjoy. By completing this program for 40 days, you will experience significant shifts in your inner world and wealth will naturally begin flowing towards you in new ways!


I’m so happy you are ready to close the GAP between the wealth you have NOW and the wealth you want.

By reading this it proves you are ready take your wealth creation seriously. You are about to discover the missing tools you need to make more money and crack the code on wealth creation once and for all.

Here’s what you will get

Transformative High Quality Recording

In this recording you will learn:

? How to turn up your Wealth Thermostat; how it works and what you need to know to make sure you do it right! (Without turning up your wealth thermostat, not matter what you do, you simply WILL NOT be able to increase your cash flow)
? The secrets about your ‘Upper Wealth Limits’; how they are holding you back and what you can do about it.
? The 3 biggest mistakes people make (and these things keep them stuck no matter what they do)
? You will also discover the 3-Step system to free yourself from your upper wealth limits forever so you can easily manifest more abundance in your life starting TODAY.
? PLUS. How to discover and look out for ‘hidden wealth clues’ that you may not have noticed; and when you do you will be able to increase your abundance and discover previously hidden opportunities.


? How to create WEALTH habits (very few people know what these are)
? Learn the four main ways to become rich and how this applies to you.

Want to know the REAL SECRET behind ‘The Secret? and ‘The Law of Attraction??
Discover the secret keys to personal change and achieve rapid growth within your life.

Welcome to Living in Magic

3 simple steps to assist you in
– 0vercoming whatever is holding you back,
– feeling great NOW &
– making fast & effective changes to your inner and outer worlds

Have you ever wondered WHY, despite all your attempts, it is so hard to actually make the changes and achieve the things you desire in life?

After so many workshops, programs, retreats, and books, why do you still feel the same? What will it take to make a profound difference in your life?
The Answer is so simple and small it can easily go unnoticed (it took me 10 years to work it out…)

Did you know, RIGHT NOW, at this very moment, you have an image of yourself within your mind? It is how you see yourself and your life. It is your ‘inner self image.’

Your Inner Self Image is a combination of all your previous experiences, beliefs, and conditioning. This ‘little blueprint’ of who you are creates everything you are experiencing in your life right now.

The Inner Self Image Program, simple, yet extremely powerful, allows you to go straight to this place within to discover the root of all

the problems in your life and effect permanent change.
If you change your Inner Self Image, you change your life.
If you don’t change your Inner Self Image, your life will remain pretty much the same.

Here are just a few examples of how your negative inner self-image effects your life:

? creates fear of your full potential and the responsibilities that accompany it
? perpetuates judgment, low self-esteem and fear of being alone
? dulls creativity and passion
? blocks your dharma /purpose
? diminishes intuition and confidence in your inner guidance
? breeds feelings of social anxiety & low confidence
? enhances a feeling of vulnerability in a presumably threatening world
? contributes to a sense of separation from others


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