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Michael Skogg – SKOGG System Kettlebell Workout


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Now you can get in the best shape of your life and have fun doing it with the SKOGG System. Michael Skogg’s innovative workout program will engage your entire body through a unique combination of kettlebell movements so you will get your body moving as a whole! You’ll re-connect your muscles so they start working together again – your body will perform the way it was meant to perform. And, you will look better than ever! The best part? Anyone can do it! Men, women, elite athletes, and even those just starting to workout.

? Combine your cardio and weight training in one workout
? Burn more calories than any other system
? Warm up, workout and cool down in less than one hour
? Get a sculpted, lean, and healthy body
? Anyone can do it by choosing the size of the kettlebell, time and tempo of workout!

Michael Skogg has built this system so that it is adaptable to your needs and fitness level. To personalize your workout, adjust your kettlebell size, your workout length, and your tempo (the pace at which you move). Use a lighter bell and a quicker consistent tempo to emphasize cardio. Use a heavier bell and a slower tempo to focus on form and recovery to develop power, strength and size.


? Instructional intro video
? 4 unique workouts with 4 different fitness levels (16 total workouts)
? Skogg System workout schedule


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