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Michelle Vandepas – Get Out of Marketing Overwhelm


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Is marketing making you crazy?
Do you think you’re spending too much time on marketing?
Are you getting new clients with your marketing?
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the ?shoulds? in your business?
Would you like someone to give you the answers?
Does marketing feel icky?

This shouldn’t come as a shock, but two recent studies have documented what many (in fact most) of the business world has been feeling lately. The constant, rapid changes experienced by marketing methods, digital marketing professionals and consumers alike are outpacing our ability to stay up to date, staff, budget for, and respond to ever critical organizational needs.

We just can’t keep up.

The confidence gap extends to specific skills, as well as the ability to meet company and brand goals at the same time that budget, attention and expectations are all raised around digital activities divided between varied concerns about social media, personalization, innovation, cross-channel marketing and other areas.

Are you tired of doing marketing that doesn’t generate sales? Would you like to know exactly what single action to take to be most effective and get results? Are you tired of trying Pinterest, blogging, ezines and everything else? Join Michelle and learn from amazing new systems specifically which step you should take next. It will blow your mind.

Who do you know that gets caught up in details? Are you raising your hand? Keeping the big picture vision is one tip that is shared over and over, but how can you do that? Watch and listen, and get answers that will build your business faster with less effort. Really.

What do you get overwhelmed by? Is it your huge To-Do list?

There are solutions. Yes there are.

I’m here to help!

Top experts share their secrets in these interviews

brought to you by Michelle Vandepas.

This marketing summit aims to help you ditch marketing strategies that don’t work and make the most out of your marketing dollars.

You’ll learn what needs to happen first to build the right foundation for your marketing, then you’ll learn how to attract your ideal clients with marketing strategies that fit your personality, you’ll learn how to have effective client enrollment conversations and how to create multiple streams of income.

And, most importantly, you’ll learn tricks so that you can outsource and automate many things you’re doing yourself so you don’t even HAVE to do them anymore. (Pretty sneaky, right?) You’re not only learning about getting clients, but you’re also mastering key areas of managing and growing your business!

Join Michelle and the Experts and learn:
? Specifically the most effective marketing strategies now… it’s what all the gurus know, use,
and haven’t shared… up till now.
? A process that will let you know in advance if a marketing action will generate sales for your business.
? The biggest marketing mistake most entrepreneurs make.

Meet our Experts below:

Kathleen Gage – Power UP for Profits
Bob Burg – Co-author of The Go Giver
Perry Marshall – Adwords Expert – 80/20
Molly Gordon – Accidental Entrepreneur
Lindsay Wilson – Sales Secret Weapon
Lindsay Wilson – Get out of Marketing Overwhelm
Jennifer Louden – The Life Organizer
Kevin Knebl – Social Selling
Michelle Vandepas – Enlightened Marketing
Michelle Vandepas – Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day
Gina Nieves – Make Money with your Websites
Michael Neill – Super Coach
Doug Stevenson – Storytelling in Business
Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

About your host Michelle Vandepas
Michelle Vandepas is one of the leading marketing experts. Having co-created 3 multi-million dollar businesses, she’s coached more than 1,000 clients and has lead a sales force to the multi-millions. Using her own marketing archetype strength, she has taken 25 authors to Amazon Bestseller Status.


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