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Micro Expressions – Paul Ekman


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Read micro expressions Whether or not they are aware of it, everyone flashes micro expressions, revealing their true inner emotions. Use Dr. Ekman’s micro and subtle expressions training tools to help you see what others may want to hide. Each of these tools has a recommended training time of one hour and consist of visual examples of the seven universal emotions. Micro Expressions Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s cornerstone product teaches you to detect and interpret micro expressions. You can be the one to spot the emotions that others conceal. Subtle Expressions Training Tool: Provides foundational knowledge of how emotions emerge in just one region on the face. Learn how to see emotions as they develop. Micro Expressions Profile Training Tool: This tool expands your expertise by training you to identify micro expressions from different angles. Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s most advanced training for developing your expression detection skills. Respond to micro expressions Smarter communication starts with empathy. Dr. Ekman has created three interactive tools which help you evaluate various emotional scenarios and express yourself with confidence. Responding Effectively Training Tool: Family Learn to navigate stressful situations at home. Dr. Ekman provides feedback on how to acknowledge the feelings of family members. Responding Effectively Training Tool: Workplace Communicate with empathy when engaged in a conflict at work. Dr. Ekman coaches you through the best practices to achieve an appropriate resolution. Responding Effectively Training Tool: Law Enforcement For the benefit of officers and citizens alike. Dr. Ekman gives his insight on interrogation techniques. Success Stories ?Dr. Ekman’s training tools have helped me read emotions, predict reactions, and interact with others in a more proficient and professional way. -Joe S., Residential Manager, boarding school for underprivileged kids ?I have been a great admirer of Dr. Ekman’s work for many years. As a private investigator, I use the knowledge gained from the tools every day, and am impressed with their usefulness. -Matt M., Private Investigator ?I’m very sincere when I say that Dr. Ekman’s research has been so helpful for emotional identification and regulations with the autism population, and we’ve only scratched the surface of this work. -Emily W., Director of Education


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