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Mike Cerrone – Listing Agent Summit


Published on: December 14, 2020
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To discover what top agents are REALLY doing to list so many homes each year ? and how you can too.

I asked 14 top agents I know to demonstrate their ?real life? listing presentation ? online ? while I video record it. To walk me through their entire process.

Some said it was too valuable. Some told me it was too messy. Some said it was too hard to describe the ?real? process. I said ?show me anyway?. Don?t show me fluff. Show me EXACTLY what you are doing and saying during the listing process and presentation.

Amazingly, 14 top agents agreed to open their komono and show us what is really happening inside. It was RAW & UNEDITTED. It was DIRECT. It is what WORKS. Here?s what happened ?

Top agents shared (and you can DOWNLOAD for review) their:

? SELLER LEAD ?IN TAKE? SHEETS ? ask all the right questions to discover the sellers ?real? motivation. ? PRE-LISTING PACKETS ? position and ?sell? your service before you arrive. ? LISTING PRESENTATIONS ? follow a clear organized approach that results in a signed listing agreement. ? MARKETING PLANS ? keep the marketing simple, effective, and inexpensive while showing huge value. ? STAGING HANDOUTS ? give the seller tips and advice to stage their home for a faster sale and greater price.

Plus responses (SCRIPTS) to the Most Common Seller Objections & Stalls:

? ?I want a higher price.? ? ?Will you lower your commission?? ? ?I want to think it over.?

Learn how to list homes at the RIGHT PRICE and the RIGHT COMMISSION ? the first time out.

Also discover Listing Metrics:

? Where to present your listing appointment: at the house, at the office, or over-the-phone. ? How long the average listing apointment takes. ? What percentage of the time the seller signs the listing agreement. ? The most used CMA software.

See their Handouts & Tools:

? Charts & Graphs (absorptions rates, months supply of housing, price trends, contract activity, probability of selling) ? Single Agent vs. Team Agent Graphics (pros and cons of each) ? CMA Analysis (raw or polished) ? Net Sheets (what to include and when to use) ? Scripts & Checklists (what to say and how to stay organized)

Learn their Best Practices & Statagies to:

? Position yourself as the first (or last) agent to present when competing for the listing. ? Take control of the process in a gentle way ? with one sentence. ? Present a simple (and inexpensive) marketing plan that looks like a million dollars. ? Set the price right at the beginning ? and how to pre-sign price reductions if they insist on a higher price. ? Make your commission look like a bargain ? even compared to a discount broker. ? Close for the business ? with simple easy to remember scripts ? and get the listing signed every time.

Also, you?ll see a very special session using the:

? Question Based Presentation Model ? the entire presentation is nothing but questions (fast & efficient ? sellers love it). The question-centered presentation style is based on an agent who sold over 10,000 properties worth over 4 billion. It is powerful.

Plus the advanced technique:

? Find out how to get hired BEFORE you give away your expertise on PRICE (cma) and CONDITION (staging).

The top agents lay it all right out there for you! Just watch, copy the ideas you like, and go list more homes.

Here are the 8 major areas we covered at the summit?


You only want to work with ?motivate sellers? and list ?saleable? homes. Working with sellers who are just ?testing the market? or properties that are ?over mortgaged? ?. will drive you crazy. So find out early. How? Pre-qulify the seller over-the-phone BEFORE you go on the listing appointment. See the scripts and checklists used by the top agents. Learn which question you MUST ask to discover the seller?s


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