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Mike Gillette – Strength Psychology


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The program includes presentations delivered by the most highly respected mental strength coach in the world, Mike Gillette. In every presentation he’ll share every ‘insider’ secret and strategy he knows to help you develop a tough mind.

Strategies like…

The simple ?30 Second Mindset Switch? you can INSTANTLY flick on in your head to do a 180 degree change in how you feel about fear.

The secret to ?keeping your head, when all around you others are losing their minds?… Mike reveals the science behind staying cool, calm and collected and how you can quickly learn to override your body’s natural instinct to panic.

Learn the tactics used by the world’s deadliest special forces units to access a high state of alertness, so you’ll be aware of present and future danger to yourself or your family on a daily basis.

How to permanently maintain a ‘Red State’ of heightened awareness of your surroundings and conditions, so you can see danger before 99.9% of the population who live in a ‘zombie’ white state. (Imagine walking into a room and instantly assessing who’s a threat and where the escape routes are. Like Jason Bourne, you’ll ‘see everything’…).

The REAL secret to overcoming fear and why you’ll never escape from its clutches while you hold on to the THREE critical limiting beliefs (don’t worry, Mike reveals exactly what they are and shows you straightforward, practical strategies to immediately wrestle these killers from your mind).

How to systematically break down your fears and overcome fear FASTER using ‘scare’ tactics to school your mind to be calm in the face of danger.

The No. 1 killer question you MUST ask yourself the second you feel fear (forgetting this could be the difference between life and death).

Why complexity is the ENEMY of planning and why SPECIFICITY is the be-all-and-end-all of setting goals you’ll actually achieve (to demonstrate exactly what this means in practice, Mike takes you step-by-step through a plan to improve your physical condition in just 90 days).

The goal-setting mistake 99% of people make that’s a self-belief killer and guarantees you’ll fail to achieve your goals through no fault of your own…
… And the sure-fire success method to setting goals so you can forever erase the pattern of try-fail-try-fail. Mike shows you exactly how to design solid, bullet-proof goals that’ll set off a domino effect of achievement.

Discover how to intentionally control your mind and get rid of self-limiting beliefs and kill the frustration of hitting a plateau.

The REAL reason you’ve hit the barriers and can’t level up your progress. (Here’s a clue: it has NOTHING to do with your skills, ability, intelligence or how hard-working you are and has EVERYTHING to do with a ‘strange’ blindspot in your thinking)
How to design ‘excellent’ goals and the THREE mission-critical parts of any goal you need to consider (make the error of forgetting any of these and your objectives are doomed to fail!)

How you can learn to love the pursuit of your goals and why the journey is critical to developing mental toughness (this tip may change how you view your entire strategy for achieving your life goals).

The ONE question you need to constantly ask yourself to speed up your results and develop operational efficiency (WARNING: get your ‘feedback mechanism’ wrong and it can DESTROY your results… Mike shows you what you need to do to avoid the ‘Feedback Trap’.)

The Science of Service: the damaging misconception about serving others that’ll change the way you think about the world (add this mind-changing serve-others strategy to MULTIPLY your impact on your family, your community and the world).

The ?Skyscraper? Approach to Goal Adjustment – Mike reveals why your planning needs to be flexible to quickly adapt to changing situations and avoid getting caught out by external cir


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