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Mike Hardenbrook – Cold Email Masters


Published on: December 14, 2020
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Cold Email Masters

Discover How To Start Getting Sales Immediately With No Audience, No Ad Budget, & No JV Partners | taught by Mike Hardenbrook

Cold email is a marketing method that you don’t need any money or any more tools than you already have to start. If you have an email address, then you already have everything you need.

It’s also a scalable strategy capable of generating millions, even birthing an industry goliath such as

You might be thinking?

  • Isn’t cold email blackhat?
  • Is cold email the same thing as spam?
  • Will cold email piss people off?

Like every other marketing method, there are ethical methods and unethical methods.

What’s the alternative?

Let’s compare blogging to cold email?

Cold email doesn’t require you to setup WordPress, install themes, plug-ins, and then write thousands of words. Cold email doesn’t require you to wait for Google to bless your site with 1st page rankings. Nor does it require you to beg for shares.

You can start cold emailing people tonight and have meetings or sales by tomorrow.

Skip right past all that effort of trying to build up traffic, generate leads, and convert them to sales. Jump straight to the getting of sales.

Compare cold email to paid traffic?

If you have a well tuned ad campaign, it’s much more automated and scalable than cold email. The problem is getting to the point where you have that automated highly profitable ad campaign.

We also teach cold email though, because nothing is cheaper, faster, or easier. You don’t have to risk an ad budget upfront, setup ad campaigns, watch them like a hawk, and hope for ROI.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Cold Email Bootcamp

  • How to Take Action with This Course
  • The 4 Core Principles to Build a Sales Machine
  • How to Use Cold Email to Grow Your Business
  • The Cold Email Mentality
  • Who Uses Cold Email Successfully
  • Debunking the Myths
  • Types of Cold Email Campaigns

Module 2: Best Practices with Cold Email

  • Intro to Targeting with Cold Email
  • Targeting with Cold Email
  • Lets Create Your Perfect Prospect
  • Customer Persona Worksheet
  • Customer In Context by Steve Blank

Module 3: DIY Prospecting (Like a Boss)

  • Intro to Prospecting Like a Boss
  • DIY Prespecting Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Purchasing Leads: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • DIY Prospecting Built to Scale
  • Types of Emails We Want
  • Prospecting Apps and Extensions
  • Prospecting Google, Linkedin, Directories, and Forums
  • Prospecting Compet


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