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Mike Koenigs – Publish and Profit


Published on: December 10, 2020
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A proven ?Integrated Hybrid Publishing System? embraced by small business owners, Literary Agents, NY Times Bestselling authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs delivered as proven, easy, 5 step process delivered interactively and online.

How to hook your target audience with the right message, and create a winning title and subtitle that compels your audience to BUY YOUR BOOK!
Unique software helps you brainstorm and create a sizzling hot book title.

Great news! You don?t have to be a writer to be a successful author. You can use our free tools to ?perform? your book or repurpose the existing content you already have (note: some of our successful authors create all of their book content in just a few hours).

How to get your book into every store, online and offline, so you get maximum exposure for your business, brand, or product.
We?ll show you THE best price to sell your books for so you make the most money, sell the most books, and become a #1 best seller.
Want to get a big book advance? You?ll get advanced training from TWO Top NY Literary Agents, Celeste Fine and Scott Hoffman who share their top strategies on how to publish and succeed WHILE building a real platform and brand that TOP publishers will compete against each other to give you an advance on your next book.

The ?GO LIVE secret sauce? you need so you or your clients can go live and hit #1 best seller in as little as a day.
12 ways to PROMOTE your book, build your list, grow your business, and monetize your message with a book.
Already have a book? We?ll show you how to rebrand and re-launch your book or to re-launch your content in another format like audio books or podcasts.

You?ll discover 12 ways to market and profit from your book and how to build a business and following from your book.
You?ll get insider tips on How to Sell Your Books, Products and Services from the Stage?even if you hate speaking.
You?ll discover 10 different Ways to Monetize With Your Book including book launches, consulting, re-launches and more.


Done For You Book Cover: Submit your book title and subtitle and we?ll create a high-quality book cover and 3D promotional cover to sell and promote your book!
Two 1:1 Done-With-You Sessions: You get 1-on-1 time with our team so you can up your book selling website and you get a second session to set up your list building web sites with our pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks campaigns that are being used by huge #1 bestselling authors and celebrities.
Five group coaching & questions/answer sessions: Create a great book title, your ?book hook?, how to get your book to #1 bestseller, and how to profit from your books.
Social Media Templates: So you can fill-in-the-blanks and create your own profiles or channel on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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