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Mike Koenigs – Webcast Profit Toolkit


Published on: December 10, 2020
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The Webcast Profit Toolkit is a step-by-step system in which I share my 20+ years of experience and taught over 100,000+ students how to sell with live interactive and recorded video. You will discover the 5 secrets to getting attention, building an audience and list, selling products and sharing your message with webcasts. Here?s what you get when you register today. Step #1 | PREPARE HOW TO SET UP A STUDIO, CREATE YOUR OFFER, ?SHOW HOOK? Passion and preparation sells! In this segment, you?ll discover how to create an ON DEMAND webcast that creates income (and fun)! Step #2 | PRODUCE CREATE A SHOW AND PRESENT TO TENS OR MILLIONS FOR FREE Imagine walking into your very own studio (something you can create for $200 or less) and then flipping a switch and broadcasting to the world! Step #3 | PROMOTE You can have the best studio and cameras in the world but it won?t matter if you don?t have an engaged audience. This will show you how to get a consistent stream of customers and a raving band of webcast fans. Step #4 | PERFORM INFLUENCE, PERSUADE AND ENTERTAIN This is the key to unlocking 5, 6 or even 7-figure days in your show-and you can do this even if you hate the way you look on camera. We?ll show you how you can create, produce and launch a GREAT show. Step #5 | PROFIT HOW TO SELL ON VIDEO AND TURN VIEWERS INTO RAVING FANS PLUS INTERACTIVE COACHING FAQ AND GROUP Q&A COACHING WEBCASTS Inside this module is the single biggest money making secret how to get people to raise their hand and say yes to your product, offer, book or service. When You Sign Up, You?ll Get These Amazing Bonuses: Bonus #1 | Camera Courage and Confidence! How to Overcome Your Fear of being on camera, even if you don?t like the way you look or sound. Bonus #2 | Access to a Private Facebook Community share your events and always feel connected and supported. Ask questions, get opinions, and network. Bonus #3 | ?Million Dollar Day? Tools and Templates. Everything you need to Prepare, Produce, Perform, Promote & Profit from webcasts including lead capture pages, email promotion copy, event pages & show flow. These ?swipe files? alone took years to create, cost over $250,000, and produced millions of dollars in income! Bonus #4 | The Webcast Book Promotion System you can become a best-seller with webcasts! You?ll discover how to market and promote books with proven webcast book promotion and book-selling strategies. Bonus #5 | Webcast Consultant Toolkit. Companies all over the world will pay $5,000 – $10,000 – $50,000 and more to have webcasts produced for them. Get the inside scoop on how to get and close deals as a paid consultant and how to attract and work with celebrity or corporate clients. Bonus #6 | Webcast Partner Profit System. A great way to build your credibility and list is by partnering with known experts and authorities and produce shared events to promote, market and sell yours or their products and services. Bonus #7 | Masterclass. You?ll get access to a Virtual Interactive Training Bootcamp taught to a live audience where you?ll learn step-by-step how to do live interactive programs, create a product from scratch, set up cameras, equipment and answer questions. You also get. THESE ADDITIONAL BONUSES WHEN YOU ENROLL RIGHT NOW:
BONUS #8 | How to Be Comfortable on Camera Every Time! ($300 Value). Includes rights to give it away when you do interviews (book, infographic, how-to video). BONUS #9 | How to Be a Video Interview Pro Book, Video and Scripts ($300 Value). Includes rights to give it away when you do interviews (book, infographic, how-to video). BONUS #10 | How to Do Interviews with 2-3 People at a Time ($300 Value). How to make your webcast look and feel like a professional TV show or news program so you can educate, entertain and engage your audience. BONUS #11 | Perfect Testimonial Kit ($500 Value). How to capture a story that turns viewers into buyers w


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