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Published on: May 12, 2021
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Flexible Hips:
This relaxed class, the slowest of the vinyasa classes, allows you to take the time to look inside and see who you really are. Join Mitchel as he shows you how to open the hips, release stress and begin the process of reflection and recognition.

Leg Conditioning:
This fast-paced and exhilarating vinyasa yoga class asks you to evaluate what kind of posture you hold in life. Through this series of standing poses, Mitchel guides you deep into the postures of both your body and your mind, strengthening your legs while asking you to contemplate what you stand for in this world.

This class will wind you up, turn you around and leave you refreshed, while asking you to explore what you turn towards in life. Through this up-tempo vinyasa class, Mitchel twists you and shows you how to turn your body and mind into something new.

Yoga Backbends:
Today’s definition of beauty has become focused on the superficial, but yoga’s definition focuses on doing what is right for you. Join Mitchel in this vinyasa class as he teaches you how to perform backbends at your level, opening the front of your body and redefining what beauty truly represents.

Yoga for Healthy Shoulders:
This class, the second in the two-class therapeutic set, teaches you how to stretch your shoulders and perfect your posture as you consider what in life is worth engaging. Mitchel walks you through a series of poses that will safely loosen and improve your shoulders, and explains how you can make life happen instead of allowing life to simply happen to you.


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