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Published on: May 12, 2021
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GrowBIG Foundations
Heres why Im so excited to share this new online course with you
Our GrowBIG Foundations is intense its 3-days of hands-on, highly interactive, in-person training at our headquarters in Atlanta. For many professionals, the cost (around 4,000 + flights and hotel) and time spent off work is a hard pill to swallow.
GrowBIG Training is intense because its designed to deliver a start-to-finish system that professionals can use to get bigger and better clients.

And, if I can be totally honest with you, its not something that everyone is ready for.
Many first need to fix a few fundamentals that most people get wrong: how they proactively advance opportunities, deepen relationships, and hack their own habits to stay on top of their progress.
Thats where GrowBIG Foundations can help.
By the time you complete this online course, youre going to be ahead of the pack. Youll know what rainmakers do and dont do. Youll be able to integrate simple, efficient activities into your day to day-to-day routine. And, youll see results.
GrowBIG Foundations is broken up into five modules:

MODULE 1: Building The Foundation
In this module, were going to prep your mind for a total overhaul.
What youll learn:
Youll meet me, and Ill give an overview the entire GrowBIG framework. Big picture first.
Youll learn why no one is a born rainmaker. Youll learn that business development is a skill and not some innate trait that some have and some dont.
Ill make sure were first on the same page, covering what business development is (and isnt), and Ill walk you through the essential sales skills you need to know.
Ill then going ask you to define your Why what kind of impact would frictionless business development have for you, your clients, your family, and the people around you? (Well be revisiting your Why throughout this course.)
Then Ill get to a foundational tool thats changed my life: the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). Itll help you better understand yourself and everyone else connected with your business development success, especially your prospects and clients. Its the magic decoder ring thatll show you how to communicate to others in the way they want to buy, instead of the way you would buy yourself.
Well close out the module with an 100-point business development skill assessment that will give you a snapshot of where you are now and what areas you need the most help. At the end of the course, youll take this same assessment again to see how far youve come.

MODULE 2: Managing Your Opportunities
This module is all about bringing in the business. Sounds simple, but without training, nearly everyone gets it wrong.
What youll learn:
First, well start with the overview of getting to a yes. Whether you just need a verbal approval or a massive contract signed, the steps are the same. Well start with this overview of getting more yess.
Then, well go deep on the first step: Listen and Learn. Ill cover the science of why you want to start with the prospective client and specifically how to ask questions thatll light up their brains pleasure center, giving them a high by sharing their priorities and needs.
After giving them the spotlight, Ill teach you how to use curiosity to turn the focus back on you and your solutions. Curiosity is an intrinsic motivatorone of the strongest we have as humans. Youll learn how to create curiosity to have the client asking how you can help them. Since you know their priorities in their words, youll efficiently be able to show them how you can help.
Now, its time to get series: building the solution together. The science here is amazingpeople buy into what they help create. Ill show you how to build a solution with your client in a way theyll love and has the highest chance of success. And, if theyre not really interested? Youll know in 20 minutes instead of 20 hours of useless follow up.


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