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Mobile Newbie Magic By Mobile Mad Hatter


Published on: December 10, 2020
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There has never been a better time to get into mobile. As desktop and web traffic slows and mobile booms, it?s easier than ever to buy low cost mobile traffic and make 100%, 200% or even 300% return on investment everyday from mobile CPA Affilaite offers.

So you likely know and feel it?s the right time for you to jump into mobile and cash in. And maybe you?ve even invested in some training to learn how to run mobile offers, and generate massive cash so you can live the life you desire.

If you?ve tried running mobile offers up to this point, it?s likely that you?ve run into a number of problems.

With Mobile Newbie Magic, you will not only get a detailed step-by-step training that will assist you in launching and scaling your own PROFITABLE mobile campaigns, but you will also get a fully-integrated training that includes the most high-valued bonuses I?ve ever offered.

So Who Exactly is Mobile Newbie Magic For?

Mobile Newbie Magic was created to give online marketers a road map and step-by-step guide to creating a profitable mobile CPA business. Our experience in mobile will give you fresh ideas and a robust online course where you?ll learn how to uncover and maintain mobile profits! Here are some of our clients who are having massive success:

Module 1 ? Mobile Basics: Learn all about the mobile variables you?ll need to track, and one little trick we use to spy on the competition. You?ll also discover where to get offers, and how to setup your mobile CPA business. This is also a quick start guide ? we get you moving fast.

Module 2 ? Tracking: Discover how to track mobile simply and efficiently. Stop wasting your time struggling with tracking ? we explain everything you need to know.

Module 3 ? Offers: Discover how to find and scale hot offers. Evan shows you where he looks for offers and how he finds winners so you can profit quicker so you?ll stop wasting your time.

Module 4 ? Landing Pages: Evan reveals some secret landing pages you can swipe. We also give you some samples to work from so you can create your own HIGH CTR landing pages and bank off mobile.

Module  5 ? Traffic: Discover the best traffic sources, how to use them to your advantage and important tactics to make them work for you. Overcome your fear of losing money on traffic and master mobile traffic now with this extensive module.

Module 6 ? Redirecting Traffic: Learn how to buy bulk CPM traffic dirt cheap and redirect it to get 500% ROI?s or more. The mobile mad hatter shares his personal strategy for more ROI with redirecting traffic.

Module 7 ? Optimizing: Stop getting lost in optimizing. We break things down and teach you how to optimize for massive profits. Our Strong Optimization strategy will get you success as quickly


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