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Mr Steven Healey – Repurpose your Facebook Videos on Youtube and SoundCloud


    Published on: November 17, 2021
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    You have created awesome content on Facebook using video. I have too :)

    Does the story stop there or can you take the video and show it to a wider audience.

    Why should you do that ? What can you achieve ?

    I create live video on Facebook almost every day and have now over 300 shows since I started.

    I have downloaded them and then uploaded them to Youtube and it is a laborious, time consuming task.

    What if there was an application that could do this and more ?

    Since I have started using ‘Repurpose’ I have been blown away by how powerful the system is.

    ‘Repurpose’ gives our live videos a second life as we can use them to reach an even wider audience. Since the moment I started using it i have saved hours each and every week.

    An overview of the’ Repurpose’ system

    Fully Automated (Set it and Forget it)

    Audio Podcast to YouTube

    Audio Podcast to SoundCloud

    Facebook Live to YouTube

    Facebook Live to Audio

    Publish Your Content to Google Drive and Dropbox

    There are many possible ways to do this , in the course you will receive step by step instruction

    IFTTT is ‘If This Then That’

    Essentially if something happens on one Social Media system you can use an Applet to create a new action on a second Social Media system.

    When you create a new Youtube video you can automatically

    Tweet out a link
    Post to your Facebook Personal Profile
    Post to you Facebook Business Page
    Create a WordPress post.

    Repurpose + IFTTT is a formidable combination.

    Many of you already have a Youtube account,

    If you do not then this overview will show you how to create one.

    We look at the features and benefits of having a Youtube account to promote the videos you create on Facebook and elsewhere.

    Many of you may not have a Soundcloud account so we will show you how to create one.

    Before now creating a podcast (mp3 sound only file) from your video was a time consuming task.
    With Repurpose it is so easy – you simple link Facebook to Soundcloud and the mp3 file is created and transferred .


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