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Ms Clare Edwards – Dealing with Change and Building Resilience


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Course Description
Change both inside and outside of the business world is becoming increasingly complex, fast-paced and ambiguous resulting in feelings of uncertainty, confusion and fear.

Our ability to deal effectively with the nature and pace of change is being tested daily and resulting in reduced resilience levels and increased negative stress. This is UNSUSTAINABLE.

Dealing with Change and Building Resilience is a course designed first to help you understand what?s going on in your brain when faced with unprecedented levels of challenge and change and secondly to provide you with practical and proven strategies, skills and models to help you:-

move through the change process quicker
help change your current perspectives about how you think about change
bounce back out of the dips of work and home life
return to thinking clearly and rationally regardless of the levels of pressure
make informed, balanced decisions and
problem-solve in a calm and considered state
Our work comes from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology and is evidence-based and validated. We explore at a deep level what good and bad stress is, the nature and origins of change from our earliest of times and how we can override our evolutionary instinctual reactions to be able to respond and tackle life and work challenges head on ? with a calm and considered demeanour.

Our ability to stay cool under pressure is a critical element of being an effective corker, manager or leader. We need to role model the behaviours we expect in others and that includes understanding our emotions, our emotional responses and how to dampen down heightened emotions and respond calmly.

Clare and Anne, your presenters, are both graduates of the Neuroscience of Leadership and Change and Positive Psychology. They also draw on their many years of leadership and management experience with global corporations to deliver to you a course packed with strategies that work, tips, models and helpful hints for making lasting, sustainable behavioural and attitudinal change.

Each module builds on the previous one to deepen knowledge and understanding and is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook and reflection questions. There?s also a quick quiz at the end of each module to facilitate learning.

PLEASE NOTE ? This course is not intended to address clinical depression. If you at any time think that you might be depressed then it is critical that you visit your general practitioner or relevant health professional.

What you get out of the course is in direct proportion to what you put in. To get the most from your learning experience we would suggest:-

Going through the programme in the same order as it is set out
Pausing at the end of each lecture and making relevant notes in your workbook
Completing the brain activity warm up exercises and all other exercises suggested in your workbooks or on the videos
Spacing your learning between modules. Aim to embed and implement your learning from the module before moving on to the next on
Become curious about what else is available to assist your learning journey e.g. helpful articles or videos
audioand start playing!) you won?t be able to develop your skills of emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and change agility unless you give it a go.

We continually review and refine our course material to stay current and accurate and welcome any feedback you have.

Enjoy the course!

Clare and Anne of BrainSmart

What are the requirements?
The only prerequisites for this course are a willingness to learn and make small incremental changes that will result in increased levels of resilience and an ability…


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