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Ms Sarah Lewis – Essential influencing skills for the workplace


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Achieve your goals and aspirations through influencing others. Increase effectiveness as a leader and a team worker

By taking this course you will learn how to achieve your goals and aspirations through influencing others. You will increase your effectiveness as a leader, a team member or a project worker.

Learn to effectively influence others and increase your effectiveness

? Learn four very different ways of influencing others

? Build up your persuasive skills with a range of approaches

? Learn how to influence with impact in different situations

? Recognise how others are trying to influence you

Become more effective at influencing others

We?ll learn how the ability to influence others is key to success in today?s world. With examples from the business and domestic world, we?ll see how different styles of influence are appropriate to different situations. We?ll learn how to spot the different styles in action and who is most likely to use them. We?ll identify the key success factors for each style, and the counter-indications.

This course is made up of short, focused video clips each clearly targeted on one aspect of the programme. For each of the four styles studied we?ll look at the definition of the style, the type of person likely to use it, when it is likely to work and when it isn?t. Each section is supported by a downloadable briefing sheet, an aide memoire for future use.

The course is illuminated with examples and case-studies supported by powerful and dramatic video scenes that highlights the points being made. A comprehensive quiz allows you to test your learning and, with reference back to key video clips, makes sure your learning is secured.

We all need to be able to influence others to make our dreams come true, to realise our hopes and aspirations and to achieve our goals and targets. I designed this course for people who want to increase their ability to make a difference by working with others in effective, and persuasive, ways.


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