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Multichannel Selling: Your Shortcut to Retail Superpowers (2016)


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Learn My Proven Cloud-Based Systems & Achieve Phenomenal Results in a few days! Omnichannel; The future of e-commerce!

I was desperate to generate more sales, so, as thousands of merchants I decided to start selling online? while still running a store 7 days a week. In a matter of days I understood I need inventory controls! It was immediate chaos!

I took my sales from a dinosaur age cash register (1 channel) to high tech retailing through multiple channels:

In store POS
E-commerce store website
Amazon Marketplace
Ebay Marketplace
BONUS THIS IS NEW: Learn how YOU can sell through Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.
I achieved this with the exact same inventory on my shelves and on my storage (no additional inventory or mayor investments.)

Today I coach companies to scale their retail and ecommerce business through multichannel integrations to reach unthinkable potential. This was impossible to achieve just 2-3 years ago. The bennefit is so huge that my clients pay me up to $15,000 for my coaching to help them scale their operations to a whole new level.

I hope you will take advantage of my experience. This is how I would do everything all over again if I had the cash. This is real life wisdom not theory.

These are real life lessons. There are other solutions out there, but here I teach you exactly how I do it so YOU can achieve the same potential using affordable multichannel technology.

The world of retail HAS CHANGED. The change disrupted me. Now its your decision: change and be on top of your industry or suffer the consecuences like I did.

Its all about leveraging your limited time, money and energy.

See you inside!


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