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Naidy Phoon – Ultimate Tube Monster


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Great For CPA & Affiliate Marketing
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No Experience/Video Creation Needed
Super-Charge Your Existing Videos
Build A Massive List Fast
Put Your Traffic And Income Into Overdrive Today!

Hello this Naidy Phoon with partner friend Zeeshan Ahmed, and what I’m about to reveal will surely change the way you set up videos in your website. Because 97% or more are using the same old copy and paste embed code from YouTube. Since videos have rapidly evolved the past year, that old and rusty way of setting up videos isn’t very profitable anymore.

If you still want to get huge profits from videos, allow me walk you through a quick journey that led me to a 2x increase in sales overnight.
So, I love creating websites and driving a huge amount of traffic to it and boy it’s always an epic experience because I do generate some leads and sales but I sensed there was something missing. If you own a website then this could be happening to you too!

You might be missing this one key ingredient in your site as well. Since there’s a rise of video creation products like Explaindio, EasySketch Pro and VideoMakerFX… many entertaining and engaging videos are popping out every single day.

When you use those videos for profit… has it ever cross your mind that the visitors are glued to one area of your website?
Now once the video is finished, what visitors typically do is leave the website because you simply didn’t engage with them ?VISUALLY? and ?SUBLIMINALLY?.


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