Nicholas Scalice – Landing Page Masterclass


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Course Summary
Straight-forward course on landing pages. Lots of valuable information and links to resources if you want to go deeper than this course.

Course Contents
Part 1: Introduction
Additional Resources
Welcome to the Course
Important Terms to Know
The 7 Skills Landing Page Optimizers Need to Have

Part 2: Landing Page Foundations
What is a Landing Page?
The OAT Formula
7 Questions Every Landing Page Should Answer

Part 3: Psychology of Persuasion
It’s All About ‘State Change’
Brain Chemicals
Psychological Triggers

Part 4: Copywriting That Converts
Landing Page Copywriting Tips
Writing Headlines That Convert
Message Match

Part 5: Design That Shines
Elements of Design
Design Tools
Examples of Great Design

Part 6: Building a Landing Page
Overview of the Buildout Process
Research, Write, Design, & Develop
Integrate, Test, & Launch
Let’s Build a Page with Unbounce

Part 7: All About Testing
Different Types of Testing
Functional Testing
Usability Testing
A/B Testing

Part 8: Ready to Optimize
Understanding Analytics
Metrics That Matter
Form Optimization
Optimizing for Speed
Optimizing for Ecommerce

Part 9: Real Landing Page Reviews
Click-Through Pages
Lead Capture Pages
Sales Pages

Part 10: Conclusion
Recap of Key Takeaways
Working with Freelancers


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