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Published on: May 12, 2021
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The World’s First Software To Completely
Automate Your Product Launches Or Special Offers
So, What Does It Do Exactly?

In a nutshell … it automates a ‘stock-limited’ product launch!

Let’s say, for example, you want to launch your new product on a certain date and to jump start sales, you offer it at a discount price and some extra bonuses for the first 100 people who buy.

When you use Product Launch Automator to ‘power’ your launch, you have a ‘Coming Soon’ page with a timer, counting down to your launch date and time. When the date/time is reached, Product Launch Automator automatically changes your ‘Coming Soon’ page to your ‘Sales’ page.

Click Play to watch a hands-free launch using Product Launch Automator

With me so far …?

In addition to the sales copy, Product Launch Automator also shows the number of items left ‘in stock.’ So after the first sale, it decreases the amount by ‘1’ and now displays 99 in the sales page – after the second sale, it shows 98 and so on, all the way until all 100 are sold. Then Product Launch Automator replaces the sales page with a ‘Sold Out’ page and emails you to let you know that your launch has finished.

You see, unless you can update your sales page with the number of products/seats/tickets/whatever left in real-time – you’re only scratching the surface of what Social Proof can do for your product launches.

Product Launch Automator can:

1. Strictly limit the number of items you want to sell. When the last item has sold, Product Launch Automator automatically replaces the sales page with a page of your choice like one with a ‘Sold Out!’ message and a Waiting List opt-in.

2. Automate the whole ordering process. Your customer is automatically taken to a ‘Thank You/Download’ page after their payment has been successfully taken where they can get complete instructions and download their purchase.

And for added security, Product Launch Automator only allows legitimate customers to gain access to your ‘Thank You/Download’ page and also protects individual files from being downloaded illegally from your server.

3. Harnesses the full psychological power of Social Proof for your stock-limited launch/offer by tracking every sale made and updating its internal database so your visitors can simply refresh the page to see the latest ‘stock left’ figure updated right there in front of their eyes.

Can you imagine the effect that will have on thousands of people viewing your sales page …? Your product launch will turn into a feeding frenzy!


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