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Nik Koyama – Go Visual


Published on: December 10, 2020
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THE BEST TRAINING ON MAKING EFFECTIVE VIDEOS FOR BUSINESS YOU?RE EVER GOING TO FIND Even If You?ve Never Made A Video Before In Your Life (You Just Need A Smartphone) A tidal wave is coming. The information age came on fast and was all about the quantity and spreading of information. Today, it?s not about quantity, it?s about quality. It?s now about connecting that information. As human beings, we crave connection and we crave depth. We crave authentic, real experiences and we now demand them from brands too. The new rule today is ?Show don?t tell.? And in this new age, there?s only one tool that can build the kind of trust needed to compete in today?s cutthroat world? Video. Video is THE most effective communication tool we have. Writing is hiding. Video is trust. And it?s a race for trust: Whoever gains trust first, wins. Whoever uses video, wins. If you don?t use video as the primary form of business communication? You will not survive this. The good news is it?s never been easier to get started. Before, you needed a studio and expensive camera.. Now, you have a TV studio in your pocket. And because people crave something real, you never have to worry about being perfect ? and you definitely don?t need to hire some visual production company who?s never studied business or marketing in their life. You already have everything you need, the power is in your hands. This is your chance to connect with your market, vendors, staff, and the world in a way that brings you wealth at levels you only previously dreamed of. and it all begins with video. We invite you to join the movement of businesses leaders who hear this message and are taking action. Here?s What You?ll Get: ? 6 Modules with 50+ Video Lessons so you can creating winning videos for your business, your friends and your clients. ($2,997 Value) ? Access to the Private Student Group so you can strategize and get help from previous students that have gone visual. ($997 Value) ? BONUS: Go Visual Music Library so you can make videos without having to worry if they?ll be ripped offline for copyright issues ($2240 Value) ? BONUS: How To Speed Shoot & Edit Pro Quality Pictures & Custom Graphics On Your Phone ($497 Value) ? BONUS: Advanced Shooting & Editing Lessons so you can be ready for the moments a camera and computer are wanted ($997 Value) ? Weekly Live Trainings by Nik Koyama & Other World Changing Entrepreneurs/Marketers! ($1997 Value) ? and so much more! (Seriously, check the bonus section when you get in. I?m not jokin).


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