NLP Master Practitioner Certificate Advanced to Expert


Published on: May 12, 2021
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In this Achology certified course you will learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Master Practitioner level (NLPMp).

What you’ll learn
You will learn advanced NLP principles and processes that you can action with clients, in your private life, career & relationships right away.
You will learn advanced NLP models of change that can act as the catalyst for instigating significant transformation in your clients.
You will learn how to inspire change in people’s limiting ideologies and empower them to live more harmonious and autonomous lives.
Further develop your primary senses, develop your intuition and increase your level of self-awareness and self-effectiveness.
Utilise powerful language patterns for influencing and modifying behaviours in all contexts, from business to education and coaching.
Competently facilitate breakthrough sessions with people, as a result, they experience major paradigm shifts in response to your practice.
Understand the essential applied psychological principles, tools and methodologies that underpin the masterful practice of NLP.
Understand the core motivations and common assumptions that underpin most patterns of unhelpful, habitual behaviour (productive and destructive forms).
How the mind processes day-to-day experiences and transforms our interpretation of them into memories, fears, frustrations, passions, actions and outcomes.
PLUS: Access our fantastic Facebook support group, ‘Practice makes Permanent’ to connect with fellow peers, celebrate successes, compare notes with others and much more.
On completion of the course, you can apply to join The Academy for Modern Applied Psychology for professional membership to put into practice your new-found skills.
Prior knowledge or practice of neuro-linguistic programming will be beneficial for students enrolling on this course. NLP master practitioner builds upon all modules taught in the NLP practitioner training.
Many self-reflective ideas are discussed throughout the course, and as such students are encouraged to take notes (this is for self-reflection purposes only and isn’t for official submission).
You can complete this video-based course in your own time and pace (also comes accompanied with a full audio MP3 version). Is easily achievable to complete within 6 – 8 weeks.
The full NLP Master Practitioner course can be studied online with an internet connection. The curriculum is similar to that which you might find in a reputable attendance based NLP Master Practitioner course.
You can study NLP Master Practitioner from the comfort of your own home or favourite cafe at any time. You can access your course lessons from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
This course was last updated on November 2018, drawing on over a decade of experience, blending in theoretical knowledge, wisdom based principles alongside other appropriate ideologies and frameworks.
A range of additional downloadable (and editable) course materials is also provided that will make this NLP Master Practitioner course enlightening, fascinating and enjoyable.
Note: Students who benefit most from this NLP Master Practitioner course are those who are ready to reflect upon and APPLY the lessons that are presented herein.
The Achology certified NLP Master Practitioner course is respected as one of the most comprehensive and in-depth video-based NLP Master Practitioner courses in the world. Achology takes great pride in offering exceptional value to students of NLP and life-long learners.
Studying neuro-linguistic programming at Master Practitioner level is about embodying the essential principles that underpin NLP. You will develop your NLP Master processes as well as profoundly understanding what motivates human behaviour.
This training course journeys right to the heart of traditional NLP with a focus on facilitating life-transformation on the level of capability


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