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NLP University – NLP Practitioner Training Intensive


Published on: December 14, 2020
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NLP University offers a summer residential curriculum for various trainings in NLP. The home of NLP University is on the University of California Campus located in Santa Cruz, California – the birthplace of NLP.

NLP University was established by Robert Dilts and Todd Epstein in 1991 as a new kind of structure for providing the opportunity for a complete NLP education. Judith DeLozier joined them in 1992 and helped to shape the current NLPU curriculum. Now Deborah Bacon Dilts has also joined the training team, bringing ?The Five Rhythms?? into our programs, and more.

In the coming years, Judith, Robert, Deborah and NLPU coordinator Teresa Epstein, with Todd’s spirit to guide them, will continue the NLPU commitment to the highest quality presentation of fundamental NLP skills and the newest developments. .

The vision of NLP University is to create a context in which professionals of different backgrounds can develop fundamental and advanced NLP skills for applications relevant to their profession.

The mission of NLP University is to provide the organizational structure through which the necessary guidance, training, culture and community support can be brought to the people who are interested in exploring the global potential of Systemic NLP. This involves the encouragement of research and development in new applications, tools and models of NLP as well as providing high quality training and assessment in existing NLP skills and technologies.

The strategy of NLP University involves the diversification of NLP based trainings and materials into focused application areas. Thus, individuals learn practical NLP skills by developing competency with specific engineered materials related to accomplishing goals relevant to their profession.

The structure of NLP University consists of a number of interdependent modules and courses, including:

Practitioner Certification
Master Practitioner Certification
Trainer & Consultancy Certification
Master Trainer, Facilitator & Transformational Entrepreneur Certification
On-Line Learning Community
Resource Assistant for NLP Trainers
Independent Studies for NLP Trainers


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