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Nrupen Masram – Sales Copywriting For Complete Beginners


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Can You Relate To Following Problem ?

I have a good high value product and I want to sell it online.

I setup my website, used nice web template, provided detailed description of product.

But I got no sales.

I decided to add some offer with product.

I also drove more traffic and spent money on promotions.

There are mediocre products that are selling like crazy.

But my product is eating dust in lack of sales.

I am angry and frustrated.

I tried everything but sales are not just picking up.

Welcome To The Life Of Online Salesman

If you can relate to any of the above problems then first of all congratulations and welcome to the life of online salesman. Everyone who had ever tried to sell products online has in one or other form suffered same problem.

First understand nature of your problem. Your product description or we can say your copy ain?t persuasive enough. And to make sure you get sales your copy must be persuasive enough.

Answer To Your Question is The Art Of Sales Persuasion

Copywriting is nothing but an Art of persuading people to take action. And if you wish to sell products online the very first thing that you need to learn is Sales Persuasion. This course is designed with sole purpose of teaching you The Art Of Sales Persuasion.

What You Can Expect To Learn From This Course

The Buying Process. It?ll help you understand how to justify buying decision to customer.

The Market Research. Teaches you correct way to research data for Copywriting process so that you should only write those things which your customer thinks are interesting.

Writing Hypnotic Value Propositions. Make customer believe your product is just what he is looking for.

Communicate Value Of Your Product.Your customer want to buy a high value product, communicate to him your product is high value.

15 Tips To Write Amazing Headlines. That will grab and hold attention of your customer.

2 Methods to Instantly Connect with your Customer. Customer trust only those with whom they can connect. Connect with them, win their TRUST and drive more SALES.

5 Ways To Attack Customer?s Mindset. Will make customer feel emotionally attached to your product.

Kill 5 Most Powerful Objections of Customer. Make your product appear superior to competition and cheap as compared to value you?ll deliver.

How To Use Power Words ? Learn about exact 3 locations where adding power words will provide maximum boost to your sales process.

Some Advanced Strategies. Win their trust, establish credibility and quality of your product.

Become A Sales Force

If you?ll complete this course and apply the tools and techniques provided then you?ll be able to communicate value of your product to your customer. And once value gets communicated to your customer, your sales graph will no longer appear flat, it?ll shoot up.

Your copy will act as sales machine that will generate sales for you. If you can write good copy you no longer have to worry about sales, you have to worry about handing growing number of customers.


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