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Ocean Rendering Using Redshift – Rebelway


Published on: October 1, 2021
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Inspiring VFX Courses for Modern FX Artists. Real-world VFX courses and coaching.

Learn, share and grow together. – Learn the FX techniques and pipelines used at the world’s most successful studios. – Explore the latest VFX trends and techniques with up-to-date courses covering the latest software releases. – Accelerate your FX career with courses designed to help artists learn FX techniques as quickly as possible. – Land your dream job by gaining the skills you need to stand out from the crowd. – Learn at your own pace. No Zoom links or live sessions.

This is your opportunity to grow your skills and achieve your VFX goals. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN TUTORIAL OUTLINE TIME COMMITMENT This course will take the student about 15 hours total to watch and practice. PREREQUISITES CHAPTER 1 – OCEAN SETUP CHAPTER 2 – REDSHIFT SETUP CHAPTER 3 – ADV SHADING CHAPTER 4 – ENV SETUP & LIGHTING CHAPTER 5 – NUKE COMPOSITING Credit


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