Oliver Goehler – 99 Niches New Era (eBay & Amazon)


Published on: May 12, 2021
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Dear Customer,
The World has changed forever!
And it’s handing savvy online entrepreneurs the biggest payday of their lives!
Keep reading this letter today, and I’ll explain how the biggest event of a generation has changed the online World forever…handing YOU an opportunity to cash in online like never before.
Hi, Oliver here…
As we all know, the World we’re living in has been turned upside down.
The way the UK (and the World) socialises, goes shopping, and actually buys most products – has been remarkably transformed.
It’s this ‘transformation’ that I’m writing about today.
It’s a transformation that – if you’re on the right side of it – will enable you to grow and build your OWN life-changing online business like never before.
You see, unlike some of the economy, far from collapsing, online sales have taken off like a rocket.
Online selling is EXPLODING – precisely because of the Worldwide pandemic – and it’s this ‘explosion’ in demand that YOU can cash in on today.
But first – what happened to online selling over the last six months?
We all know what…
It’s taken off like a damn rocket, that’s what!
So many of us are now doing the vast majority of our shopping online.
It’s quicker, safer and doesn’t involve you need to ‘mask up’!
And here’s the really interesting thing…
As more and more of us are starting to shop online…we are continuing to shop online…as we get more and more accustomed to it.
That’s why you see Amazon as a $1 trillion + company now…
It’s why eBay just had one of their highest-growth quarters for over a decade…
And it’s why all the US tech companies are now pretty much the most valuable companies in the World – ahead of previous titans such as ‘Big Oil’…
Online is completely taking over – as the way we are shopping is likely to change for years to come…
Online sales have NEVER been higher than
they are today – and they are STILL rising!
The big question you’ve probably asked yourself is…
‘How do I get a piece of this for myself?’
I’ll explain exactly how to cash in, in just a moment.
But first…it’s not all good news.
You see, it’s times like this where the majority of people DO go broke.
Retail companies are going under in droves.
People are losing their jobs left and right.
There’s panic everywhere.
But if you’re smart and clued in…you’ll also realise that it’s times like these where fortunes are made.
A time when opportunity explodes…
Because bluntly speaking, the New Era we’re looking at now is making some sellers rich…whilst others go broke.
The difference is THAT stark!
Examples are legion…
Let’s take a really simple example…
If you’re unfortunate enough to be selling wedding products online – hard luck. Earlier this year, your business evaporated, and is unlikely to hit its former glory for a long time to come.
(IF it comes back at all!).
If you were selling suitcases or other travel accessories, then likewise your business has likely taken a huge (and possibly irreversible) hit.
But then there is the flipside…
But whilst some niches have gone down tubes, others have absolutely exploded.
In the last six months, if you were selling at-home beauty products…health supplements…bread-makers…products for cyclists…personal protective equipment…at-home-fitness equipment…or dozens of other niches products – chances are…
You’re rolling in it!
Sales for many products have gone – and are going – to the moon.
And that means, bluntly speaking…
It’s never been more critical to choose the RIGHT products and niches to sell to online!
Choose wisely and your online business can take off like a rocket.
Choose wrong and you will go nowhere fast.
It’s quite literally the difference between no business at all…OR a thriving business that is going to the moon.
It’s that important.
It’s ALL about the right product at the right time…
Get that right…and


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