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OptimizeMember Success – The Missing Manual Training


Published on: December 10, 2020
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Create your profitable membership site ? step by step. OptimizePress expert shares best practice and pitfalls to avoid. OptimizeMember is a fully functioning membership system .Giving you powerful features you need to run a membership site. The Problem is that there are a lot of options, lots of gotchas and little training. In fact until you have created and launched a membership site you won?t know what you?ve done wrong. TAKE THE COURSE TODAY For example most people don?t change the default welcome email at all. As a result it mainly gets sent to customer?s Junk/Spam Mail Folder. If it does arrive the instructions just lead to confuse your new member, generating support emails and headaches for you. Create It Right First Time? The OP2 Member Master Course takes you step by step through creating a site the right way. Watch over the shoulder as a real life product site is created. Follow along step by step.


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